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ZTV News segments don't really appeal to me that much. On top of Caxx's voice acting sounding a bit on the amateur side—look who's talking, right? HAH—Zone-Tan really IS a bit of a bitch, and for a while I couldn't really get into the whole "news" thing because of that.

That said, I loved this one immensely—just as much as I loved ZTV News Episode 2—and because of this episode, I've found myself sort of warming up to the purple-haired mascot.

About this episode:

This episode's appeal, at least for me, was mostly in the guest segment—just like in episode 2. The difference being, Zone-Tan completely made the scene in this one.

Caxx's voice, I realize, is a perfect fit for Zone-Tan, and this episode highlights that with neon-tentacle-green, fluorescent ink.

Her banter with BennettTheSage in this episode, is by far the best Zone-Tan/Narrator interaction thus far.

Her voice acting with Harry was pretty solid too, and really fleshed out a lot of Zone-Tan's character. It was so good, that I actually found myself thinking, "Awww. She's conscious about being a drawing."

<NOTE: I do NOT mean aware. I mean conscious in the way that you'd be conscious of a really big pimple when around your crush.>

All this time, I saw Zone as this, as the TV-Tropers would say, Karma Houdini—emotionally untouchable. This episode really erased that notion from my mind, and now I'm looking forward to more of these in the future.


A great improvement over the other episodes.

There's quite some artistic dissonance between several of the art styles you used for the characters, and the writing could be better.

The alternating between voice overs and text is done sort of haphazardly, but is forgivable.

I suggest that Black learns how to do drunken boxing legitimately. It would be awesome.

Look up Hyun's "Drunken Stick" if you haven't. It's on here too, and it's awesome. I think Black would benefit from an upgrade, after 7 episodes of nil. Maybe get him drunk to make it kick in?

guitan11 responds:

dude, who HASN'T!? Hyun was actually a guest star on episode 5 :D

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This is the cutest game ever.

The job interview adventure was so adorable.

The Nice Person was kind of annoying but I guess cute in a Pixar kind of way, where sometimes you dislike the animated character but root for it in the end anyway.

I really liked the Courtney Cook and George Blunderdork banter. Just great.

Great game.

Level 16 was so imbalanced, man. It was probably 10 times harder than 17 and 18 combined.

Great game. A few thoughts:

1. I don't know, man. The lack of a sprite just made the character more endearing to me. It's like I'm an observer of a different universe. It made me want to understand the characters more. Very effective, if you ask me.

2. The player has to have a way to know that there's nothing left to explore, but I think a map would ruin the immersion of the game. Put in a sort of progress tracker for the amount of explorable space that the player has discovered, but not including beyond the boundaries breached by the fly mode, of course.

3. The ending has to be published. A story like this is only told in flash every once in a blue moon. I had a revelation about the plot upon reading one of the logs, and it gave me shivers, man. An everyday, average story doesn't do that to me.

Keep it up.

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Don't get me wrong. I just chose predictable as the summary for lack of a better word.

Thing about this piece is that when you listen to it, it feels as if you're taking care of a delicate flower. You know that pitch comes up or down in the next seconds and you beg it to, so that it doesn't destroy the beautiful composition; to your relief, it does and you are overjoyed. You are overjoyed that this precious and delicate flower lived for as long as it could, before meeting a breathtaking end.

This piece is the perfect combination of mystery, triumphant tune, tranquility, energy and life. At several if not most points of the piece, it exemplified growth and development much like that of a playful child growing into a loving adult. In the end, the development slows down and ends with an air of tranquility and solemnity that I cannot describe.

Well done.

ChronoNomad responds:

I must admit, I momentarily thought the worst when I first saw that summary subject, but you explained what you truly meant admirably. The score in the corner gave me some indication that being predictable was not necessarily a bad thing in this case, as well. All is as it should be, thus making it predictable in its rightness. To have my composition compared to a breathtakingly delicate flower is also an honor. All things that have a beginning must eventually come to an end...

Great Composition

The start sounded rather pompous for some reason. The middle kind of sounded like an apology for the strong beginning. It was great nonetheless. The segue between the two moods was almost flawless and the piece left me awestruck. The only problem is that it neither ends abruptly nor fades out. It doesn't even end normally; it kind of just fizzles out like a car running out of gas.

MarkySpark responds:

You are right. I am going to change the ending. Watch this space.

This is great.

The starting 20 seconds or so reminded me of giant robot battles, and so did the ending minute. The melody suddenly changed into something calmer somewhere in the middle, which I usually hate. This however, just worked.

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It's adorable. Keep making comics.

She is adorable.

I wish there was more "unconventional" porn, like this piece right here.

This stuff's the shit.

Choko17 responds:


Funnier by the day; less likable by the minute.

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